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Mica Shields (Tested and Rated #1) Best Transparency and Flatness
Mica Lampshade (Amazing Collection)
Tailor Made Superfine V1 Mica parts (exactly what you need)
Stove Mica Plates (all sizes available)

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We sell:

  • Natural Mica in all forms, sizes and qualities like Mica Blocks, Mica Splittings and Raw Crude Blocks.

  • Punched Mica parts like Circles, Tiles, Strips, Stove windows or any other tailored to customer's specification.

  • Mica Tubes and Mica Washers
    (Shellac, Silicone or Epoxy Bonded)

  • Natural Micanite Sheet. Rigid and Flexible.

  • Mica Paper processed Rigid and Flexible Sheets.

  • Mica Heating Elements for use in Toasters and other high heating appliances.

  • Highest Quality Mica Powder for all applications.

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